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Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a daily or a periodic affair that can be handled by the entrepreneur or businessmen themselves. They may use the services of their own employees or outsource to a maintenance company.

It is important to keep content of the website as up to date as possible. Apart from editing and revising content, new pages can be added. The website has to keep pace with the new rules regarding search engines lists.

Backups of website files should be kept in case of a crash of the web server. The files can be downloaded from the live site before making changes and sending back to the web server.

Maintenance involves checking outbound links or URLs of destination sites; whether they have changed or not. A website should confer with the styles of the existing website for which knowledge of Cascading Style Sheets can be helpful.

When replacing a PDF file make sure the file name remains the same. This avoids the situation of search engines having to revise their indexes and the file not being lost as ‘page not found’. Keywords play a major part in the website’s ranking. Any altering or deletion can have a negative consequence on the website.

The website which has gone through maintenance should be compatible with most web browsers. Do a check on Netscape, Firefox or Safari to find out if the colors are fudged up or the layout has gone out of line.

HTML is preferred as editing can be done directly by using the code. It is also helpful when the results appear different on several browsers.

Web Reach Technologies for website maintenance

Web Reach Technologies considers website maintenance collaboration between you and us. We update and maintain your website and provide services that are efficient and have a quick turn around time.

We offer a range of website maintenance services which you can choose as your present and future requirements and budget. You can select a yearly contract, monthly or a one time contract which will take into account the website size.

We keep a back up of your website and conduct a test after editing.

Maintenance includes updating online newsletters or putting forward certain services on rotation.

We use the best technology and quality while conducting maintenance. Our aim is to help you manage your website without using complicated content Management Systems.

We unravel the reason for your existing weak website and offer meaningful suggestions to improve its rankings. Our support and maintenance team edits, adds content and fixes bugs on your site.