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Ecommerce Website Design and Development Company

The global market place demands a high degree of sophistication and technicality. The web has effectively has reduced the gap and brought people on one platform providing them the power of immediate communication.

Ecommerce Web Development and its meaning

The success of a venture depends upon its online presence. The website has proved to be a facilitator in generating a profitable turnover. An e-commerce site can effectively improve prospects and income of a company. Ecommerce makes use of the internet as a medium for buying and selling products which helps you make more money than you would otherwise.

How can you get the best out of your website?

However, the web is too huge to be easily conquered. A search bar will lead a user to millions of sites which can make it difficult for your website to stand out in the crowd.

You need a website developer who can envision the content which can be included on your website to make it attractive to visitors logging in. A user friendly interface allows any visitor to navigate through the site to locate what they are looking for. A website should not just look pleasing- it should have the right amount of relevant matter.

What is ecommerce software?

An e-commerce software is crucial for the success of any business. It helps you keep a track of all transactions and achievements of your company. Each software is customised and based on the products and services that you are offering.

The ecommerce software has a few mandatory features �inventory management, discount coupons, secure payment processing, back office support. These features complete your online shop and get it ready for transactions.

The customer should be able to navigate easily and avail of promotions and offers while shopping through your store.

The client should be sure that transactions between customer and them take place in a secure safe manner. All details of customers should be confidential at all cost. Such transactions can build up trust essential for all future ecommerce business solution.

A customer should be able to zoom on to the product and get a fair idea before buying it.

Your own website:

The website is the ideal place to have a presentation of your business. With the use of certain programs, it becomes possible to project your message effectively. A developed website helps you streamline business processes and handle business transactions with ease. Tools like CSS, HTML, Flash and Photoshop are used to develop websites.

The website design should be simple and attractive; and should figure out its target audience before reaching out to it. The website should complement your business so that it makes the profits you are looking at. The language should be easy to understand � in the regular day to day language. It is important that the website helps to bridge the gap between the client and the customer and build a relationship between them.


Ecommerce development services with a difference

Web Reach Technologies is a software services company that offers ecommerce website development services. With a combination of creativity and the right tools, we carve out a website for your business. Our team of web consultants work with designers, writers, programmers and marketing personnel to deliver an effective online solution.

We are a company that believes in researching before we select text that would give a fair idea to visitors on your website. We use effective language to help our client�s with their custom centric business processes. The website will win the trust of people who browse and respond to it and plan to do business with our clients.

Our expertise in the field of web development ensures that we offer you our services at affordable rates. Our aim is to understand the customer�s requirements and provide a flexible solution. We are always striving to provide cost effective customized products.

We offer a whole range of web development services which go beyond creating a website. We also provide maintenance services that are a must for a dynamic website. Our web development services include logo design and web

optimization, web hosting, internet marketing tools and domain names.

Our attempt is to provide you with a favourable position on Search Engine results. We make sure that your website gets the web presence it deserves. Our designers use contemporary and attractive designs that are so important to attract customers.

We specialise in shopping cart development and customise the shopping cart to suit your business. Our flexible solutions suit your budget and your requirements whatever the number of goods you would like to sell.

An e-commerce website markets products through an online store which should have the following features:

  • A user should find it easy to navigate.
  • products should be sold automatically
  • It should be search engine friendly.

Web Reach Technologies develops websites with the following functions:

  • It builds a site that allows you to easily upload new products, their prices and specifications.
  • You have the option of including several categories and sub categories.
  • Thumbnails provide visitors with a tool to view products; it is also possible to enlarge products to get a better view.
  • The site provides an option to browse or search products easily.
  • Visitors can be registered as members.
  • The member has their own My Folder.
  • The shopping cart has a simple checkout process.
  • Each product displayed comes with options- add to cart, add to wish list, add to favourite, buy now, refer to friend.
  • It is easy to perform functions- add, edit, remove items in the cart.
  • The contact and shipping details are provided separately so that if required, products can be shipped to another point. In case the user contact and shipping address is the same, a click is enough.
  • Several online payment options including Paypal are available.
  • The site takes care of order management and invoice generation.