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Content Management System

Content Management System is exactly what it says- it is a system that manages content through a central interface. The content is edited, published and modified, either manually or automatically.

Content Management Systems are appropriate for sites with blogs, events and stores and for effectively putting across news. Businesses use content management systems for marketing their products. Its one-to-one marketing customizes the website’s content as per the user’s requirements.

These systems perform simple as well as complex functions. A new content is created by deleting, creating and modifying contents of a website by a manager who is not well versed in HTML. This content is updated and placed on the website.

Web publishing is one of functions performed by CMS. Templates and wizards are incorporated into the new content. Documents can be loaded onto the website with the help of the format management function. Revision control revises the content or restores the old content. The CMS performs other functions within an organization- indexed data can be easily located.

The shift to a CMS can be a challenge if the organization is dispersed over several nations. CMS cannot manage a wide range of data- text documents, graphics and audios.

CMS by web reach technologies

We are a company that specializes in Content Management Systems. We create content that can be easily converted with the help of your web browser. Adding content or image cannot be simpler. Our sites are powerful and flexible thanks to the technologies we use- jQuery, MySQL and Zend. We present tools that you can use to create pages and themes with ease.

We provide you with cost effective Content Management System that keeps you in control throughout the year. You can edit content and images on your website all on your own after it is setup.

We provide Content management services for the following:

  • Company or portal web sites
  • Company intra and extra nets
  • Internet magazines and newspapers
  • Ecommerce sites
  • Websites for schools and institutions
  • Small business websites
  • Websites for non profit organizations
  • Community websites
  • Personal or family webpage
  • We also provide mobile web applications and Android applications.