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Web Application Development

With the web taking over our lives, web applications are gaining popularity. These applications have the browser in place of a client or it may be a software application delivered through a particular browser.

These web applications reduce the effort of distribution and installation of applications on every computer. It is easy to update and take care of these browser based web applications. Due to these two reasons, web applications are gaining popularity.

The web applications are made available by software companies which use the web to receive software that was earlier used as local applications. The providers either construct a new interface or convert an old application into a browser based web application.

These applications are used for word processors, spreadsheets, project management and points- of- sale. The application can be specifically designed for a website or a mobile.

Application development service provider

Web Reach Technologies is a software company which handles the designing and developing of web applications. We are a software company that takes care of all aspects of a project, simple or complex, in a given time frame. Our services have reached out to satisfied clients across the globe.

Why Web Reach Technologies?

  • We use technologies like Microsoft, Java and PHP to provide useful and functional web applications that are customised to your business requirements. Our open application shows perfect end results. The development process takes place in a transparent and controlled manner. We assure you of support after the application has been set up and tested.
  • We follow standard procedures when we take up a project. Our first aim is to figure out the requirements, timeframe and budget. The use of Rapid Application Development ensures that the application is completed on time.
  • We produce applications which are high in performance and extensibility. These applications show compatibility with many operating systems. Our applications are created using functional analysis and data flow design.
  • An application is successful only if it meets a certain standard. Our applications conform to the highest international quality standards.
  • We help you select the right technology which you will need for your project. We are constantly researching and improving our knowledge base so that we can develop the most modern and innovative web applications.
  • We offer integration of the application with software or service which may include payment gateways, online data sources and social networks.
  • The user friendly interface can do wonders for your business; it can effectively tap the growing market.
  • Our adept team of engineers will delete ineffective portions of an application so that you can achieve the best value from your application.
  • We also provide mobile web applications and Android applications.

Our services are specifically meant for businesses- to meet their requirements and give them a platform to generate revenues.

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