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Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration enables ecommerce businesses to receive payments for products or services they have sold. The transaction process is simplified through the use of this application.

The Payment Gateway Integration is a software that is essential for any online business and should be seamed into the company’s website. There are two financial bodies involved in this process- one which makes the payment on behalf of the customer and the other which takes it on behalf of the business owner. The entire transaction can take only a few seconds.

The commonly seen point of sale in stores also represents Payment Gateway Integration. The main role of this software is to decode special numbers in a secure manner so that the transaction takes place smoothly and securely.

Websites can contact web hosts to provide them with this facility or use other forums that offer these services.

This software occupies some amount of space on the server and should be able to handle any programming languages on ecommerce sites.

Web Reach Technologies for Payment Gateway Integration

Web Reach Technology is the answer to all Payment Gateway Integration. We offer development of this software with round the clock support at affordable rates.

We assist companies to get their ecommerce websites on road. Our solutions cater to the highest security for all transactions.

Our payment gateway integration aims at giving your customer a hassle free shopping experience.

You can approach us to customize a website or ask for a specific product with payment Gateway integrated into it. Our products include-

  • Shipping Calculator
  • Shipping tracking system
  • Value weight calculator
  • Shopping carts
  • Invoice for service industry